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5th Element on CFWE - 8/03/13
August 09, 2013 10:09 AM PDT

NEW MUSIC yay for new music. Teekay frops his PsYYChology album, Moka Only also releases his Doctor Do Musc album and locally K-Riz drops his The High album.

playlist for this show:

Teekay ft A.Y.E - PsYYChology
Deezus - Behind Tint
Moka Only - Cool

Shawn Bernard ft Beatrice Love - Livin Like Stars
Joey Stylez ft Tre Nyce - Sex Machine
Lightningcloud - Zoom
A Tribe Called Red ft Northern Voice - Different Heroes

Drezus ft Brooklyn - Feel's Good
Chase Manhattan - On My Way
Plex ft Rellik - Step Into The Ring
Hellnback - Truths

K-Riz ft Ben E Brix - Pacific Atlantic
Mitchell Lawler - Wunderboys
Shiesty Callahan - Teach The Kids
Deuce Fantastick ft Yak Dollaz - Speakers Boom

Shad + Skratch Bastid - Outta My Head

5th Element on CFWE - 7/27/13
August 07, 2013 02:50 PM PDT

Neechie Fest is going down in Hobbema, its an all weekend event with all funds going to help flood victims down south. Voting has ended for the APCMA's and we will find out who is the most popular native on Facebook and other social netowrks.

playlist for this show:

Deezus ft Riff Raff - Rap Game James Frnaco
Maestro Fresh-Wes ft King Reign - The Conversation
Checkmate & Concise - Grand Alliance

Drezus - Lose COntrol
Plex - I Can't Breathe
REDD ft Happy Kilmore - Time Flys
Chase Manhattan ft DJ Rawskillz - Stupid Bitch

H-Town ft Iceman - We Gon Ride
Knowledge - ft Jon-C - Greed
Blu - Can't Tell Me Nothing
CEO - Summer Time Over

Mitchell Lawler - Can't Hold Us
Tam ft Jo Thrillz - Spend The Night
Toxsic - Follow Me

The Lytics - They Said

5th Element on CFWE - 7/20/13
July 26, 2013 10:19 AM PDT

We still got APCMA and WCMA nominees, APCMA deadline has been extended to July 26 for final round of voting. Mitchell Lawler releases his Rookie of the Year and Jo Thrillz also drops his Bottle Depot single on iTunes.

playlist for this show:

Maestro Fresh-Wes - Black Trudeau (Rap Prime Minister)
Derek Christoff x The Arkeologists - Copy Cat
Shad + Skratch Bastid - Clappin

Drezus ft Ines Jasper - Me & U
Chase Manhattan ft Maria Isa - Hit The Road
Lightningcloud - Casino Money
A Tribe Called Red ft Black Bear - The Road

The Lytics - It's Over
Moka Only - Ain't Broken
Kyprios - Bad Mofo
Swollen Members - Mercenary

H-Town ft Iceman - About Me
Redd - Classic
Manik - Need It Need It
Joey Stylez - Wavy Ish

Mitchell Lawler - Rookie of The Year
Jo Thrillz - Bottle Depot

5th Element on CFWE - 7/13/13
July 22, 2013 12:47 PM PDT

APCMA and WCMA rap / hip hop nominees still going down, New local tracks from Michell Lawler from his Rookie of the Year album and a H-Town featuring Iceman.

playlist for this show:

Shad + Skratch Bastid - Classic
Maestro Fresh-Wes ft E.D.G.E. - Born Original
Derek Christoff x The Arkeologists - Newark

Lightningcloud - Pass It Around
Rellik ft Hellnback & Nato - Mash Up
Drezus ft Nato - Big Dreams
Plex ft Fatty Jones - Ready

Madchild - Runaway
The Lytics - The Suquel
Kyprios - Lap Dog
Moka Only - Stil Gotcha

H-Town ft Iceman - We Gon Ride
CEO - Choices
Rhythm Child - I Got That Fire
Manik - Murdah Murdah

Mitchell Lawler - April Showers
Deffine - All I Want Is You RMX

5th Element on CFWE - 7/06/13
July 11, 2013 10:25 AM PDT

Aboriginal People Choice Music and Western Canadian Music Awards nomineees are coming up so we play some of the nominees. You only have until July 19 to place your vote on who you want to take home an APCMA. We also got new albums from Maestro Fresh Wes, Shad + Skratch Bastid and Derek Christoff x The Arkeologist.

playlist for this show:

Maestro Fresh Wes ft Kardinal Offishall - Dearly Departed
Shad + Skratch Bastid ft Cadence Weapon - Home
Derek Christoff x The Arkeologist - One and Only

Drezus ft Brooklyn - Feel's Good
Plex - Warriors
Rellik and Prosper - Get Stupid
Lightningcloud - Celebrate

Swollen Members - Bax War
The Lytics - Ring My Alarm
Kyprios - Ain't Gonna Lie
Moka Only - Back Back

Eternal Cosmique ft Teekay & Touch - Matrix
Tam ft Kim Jones - K.I.M.
Jo Thrillz - Started From The Bottom RMX

Chase Manhattan - Rollin
CEO - I Ain't Gonna Take This

5th Element on CFWE ALL EDMONTON SHOW - 6/29/13
July 10, 2013 03:08 PM PDT

Canada Day is upon us and that means we have our annual ALL EDMONTON HIP HOP show.

playlist for this show:

Tam ft Kryple & Arlo Maverick - E-City
Mitchell Lawler - The Spotlight
Jo Thrillz - Rhymes Like These

Deezus ft Touch - Dust
Benny E - Real Light
Deuce Fantastick ft Outlawz - Magic
Tox - Therapy Sessions RMX

CEO - #salute
Hellnback - Truths
Infamous Red ft Beaver Bones - Survive This Place
I.C.E. - Real Talk

Nathan Cunningham ft Rellik & Plex - The Finer Things
Bo Brown - E-Town Thang
T Rhyme - Dead NDN

Jaide - Allow Me To Introduce Myself
Shiesty Callahan - Green AC's

5th Element on CFWE ALL NATIVE SHOW - 6/22/13
June 28, 2013 09:43 AM PDT

Its our annual all native hip hop show for National Aboriginal Day. We're gonna start off with a brand new track from Lightningcloud, who is performing a sold out show at Powerhouse at the Honda Center. Also new audio from Shawn Bernard & Beatrice Love, CEO and Joey Stylez.

playlist for this show:

Lightningcloud - Pass It Around
Shawn Bernard & Beatrice Love - Living Like Stars
Tomislav - So Damn Fly

Drezus - Lose Control
CEO - Summer Time Over
D Thought - Land Of Broken Dreams
Winnipeg Boyz - Better Place

Que Rock - Wolf Clan
REDD ft J.O.C. - Sasne
Chase Manhattan - Minnesota
Manik - Hood Miracle

A Tribe Called Red ft Northern Voice - Sisters
Joey Stylez ft Tre Nyce - Rollin (Bump Bump)
Wabs Whitebird - Let The Music Play

Nathan Cunningham ft Rellik & Plex - The Finner Things
Hellnback - Relations

5th Element on CFWE - 6/15/13
June 21, 2013 10:34 AM PDT

2 great albums came out this week. Deezus and Stuey Kubrick hooked up once again for their latest project called, TINT. We're also gonna play a few tracks off of Tam's latest project, YEG To The World.

playlist for this show:

Tam ft Rome & Deuce Fantastick - Hi Haters
Tam ft Jess Smith & Jay Stacks - Miss You
Tam ft Jay Banger - Avalon Knights

Deezus ft Roc Marciano - Throw Stones
Rich Kidd - On My Face
Checkmate & Concise - 100 Grand
Tommy Da, Def3 & Skizza - Gettin Late

Manik - Makin That Dolla
H-Town ft Young Kidd - Money Then The Power
Joey Stylez ft Tre Nyce - Respect The Regime
Big Slim ft Charlie Fettah & Drezus - Hustle Don't Stop

A Tribe Called Red ft Sitting Bear - NDN Stakes
Lightningcloud - Zoom
Wabs Whitebird - Let The Music Play
Que Rock - Indian Jive

5th Element on CFWE - 6/08/13
June 14, 2013 12:15 PM PDT

Couple new albums from Checkmate & Concise and Manik and new audio from Infamous Red and Puzzle featuring Sha Prince.

playlist for this show:

Puzzle ft Sha Prince - Type To Take It There
Checkmate & Concise - Big Time
Sweatshop Union ft Snak The Ripper & Def3 - Feed

Manik ft Magic Touch - Brand New
Drezus ft Nato - Big Dreams
Tomislav - So Damn Fly
Chase Manhattan - Be Like Me

Infamous Red ft Beaver Bones - Survive This Place
Que Rock - Street Cancer
Rellik ft Hellnback & Nato - Mash Up
Plex ft Fatty Jones - Ready

Birdapres & Rob Crooks - Summer School
Rich Kidd - Can I Get A (Bom Bom)
DL Incognito - Super
Self Taught - Pocket Full Of Money

Tam ft Jo Thrillz - Spend The Night
Shiesty Callahan - All I Want

5th Element on CFWE - 6/01/13
June 07, 2013 10:03 AM PDT

Aries put out his second self produced album called, New Beginnings, Sweatshop Union also released their Infinite album and Birdapres and Rob Crooks also released their Argyl album. New music from Winnipeg Boyz and Eternal Cosmique.

playlist for this show:

Sweatshop Union ft Def3 - We Ready
Birdapres and Rob Crooks - High School High
Eternal Cosmique - How To Dominate

Winnipeg Boyz - Better Place
Drezus and Brooklyn - Feel's Good
Que Rock - Take A Break
Nathan Cunningham, Rellik and Plex - The Finer Things

Emotionz - Dear God (100 Bar Aries RMX)
Selfhelp - A Deep Sleep
Ishkan & Ashleigh Eymann - Vibrations
Bennt E - Real Light

Wabs Whitebird - Rise Up
Rhythm Child - Walking In The Rain
Reddnation ft Asani - Take A Stand

Ambition - Lost & Found

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