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5th Element on CFWE with Que Rock Interview - 3/16/13
March 22, 2013 11:06 AM PDT

Que Rock was in Edmonton and did an unreal amount of shows and workshops in just a few days. We got ahold of him, did a quick interview amd talked about his Smoke Signals album and some other stuff. We got the new Sese mixtape, Aquarius Rising and a new track from the Antiheroes from their upcoming Modern Day Riot album.

playlist for this show:

Classified ft David Myles - Inner Ninja
SonReal & Rich Kidd - Around the Globe
Maestro Fresh Wes ft The Trews - I Wanna Know

SupaMan - Boom
Chase Manhattan - 2013
I.C.E. - Ill Rap Ish

Que Rock - 52 Hands
*** Que Rock Interview ***
Que Rock - Wolf Clan

Shiesty Callahan ft Jo Thrillz - Cruisin In The E RMX
Deuce Fantastick ft Rome Angel - Couple Questions
Toxsic - Hit Em Up

The Antiheroes ft Emerson Brooks - Understand
Sese - Aquarius Rising

5th Element on CFWE - 3/09/13
March 15, 2013 10:42 AM PDT

Lots and I mean lots of new music this show. We finally picked up Maestro Fresh Wes Juno nominated album, Black Tuxedo Ep. New audio from Sese, Pigeon Hole, Merkules and from down south we got Chase Manhattan and SupaMan.

playlist for this show:

Merkules - 100 Bars
Sese - Hands On The Wheel
Pigeon Hole - Champion

Chase Manhattan - Be Like Me
SupaMan - Gorilla Rise
I.C.E. - Real Talk
H-Town - ft Young Kidd - Money Then The Power

Maestro Fresh Wes - Black Tuxedo
Classified ft Raekwon & Kuniva - I Only Say It Cause Its True
SonReal & Rich Kidd - Best Believe
MadChild ft Slain & Prevail - Grenade Launcher

REDD ft J.O.C. - Sasne
Shawn Bernard - Imma Get That
Won 18 - Dope, Man

Shiesty Callahan - Ladies

5th Element on CFWE - 3/02/13
March 08, 2013 09:34 AM PST

We got some more tracks from a new group called REDD also known as Rez Rydaz and Lightningcloud wins a radio comp and will rep in SXSW to see who's the ultimate Who's Next Champ.

playlist for this show:

MadChild - Runaway
SonReal & Rich Kidd - Slumber (The Closers)
Classified - Wicked

Que Rock - Take A Break
H-Town ft Team INGAF - I'm Gone
I.C.E. ft SheldonPills - Go Hard
Redd - Boss Lyfe

Shiesty Callahan - Teach the Kids
Jaide ft Rome Angel - That She Do
Deuce Fantastick ft Jane Doe - Wheels Fall Off
Etikid + Dystinkt Beats - In My Head

Lightningcloud - Zoom
A Tribe Called Red - Trap Heat
Tha Link - Party Life

Hash Mills & The Dirty Sample - That's Me
Dragon Fli Empire & Def-Chap - One Of A Kind

5th Element on CFWE with DJ Creeasin Interview - 2/23/2013
March 05, 2013 01:37 PM PST

We have a chat with DJ Creeasian as he is bringing in Que Rock on March 8 at the Fiddler's Roost. The Juno nominations have been announced, we'll let you know who got nominated for best rap recording of the year. We'll start the show off with a couple new local albums, Shiesty Callahan's Soul'd Out 4 Mixtape and Jaide's Allow Me To Introduce Myself. We also got some new audio from H-Town and The Antiheroes.

playlist for this show:

Shiesty Callahan - All I Want
Jaide - Allow Me To Introduce Myself
The Liberators - Whatever, Whenever

Classified ft Saukrates & Skratch Bastid - Anything Goes
MadChild - Monster
JD Era ft Raekwon - The Greatest
SonReal & Rich Kidd - Money Money

Que Rock - Street Cancer
*** DJ Creeasian Interview ***
Que Rock - Ghost Dance

H-Town ft Lil Smokey - Choppers In Da Sky
I.C.E. ft CEO - When I Was Up
Rellik ft Prosper - Back On The Map

The Antiheroes ft Rich Kidd - Cloud 9
Dragon Fli Empire & Def-Chap - What They Want
Hash Mills & The Dirty Sample - That's Me

5th Element on CFWE - 2/16/2013
February 22, 2013 03:16 PM PST

We got some more music for your Valentine's Day hang over. New audio from I.C.E. amd Hash Mills & The Dirty Sample.

playlist for this show:

Classified - Growing Pains
SonReal & Rich Kidd - Mind All Day
Theo 3 - I Can See

Joey Stylez ft Drezus - Burn
Lightningcloud - Gravitron
A Tribe Called Red - Unlimited Trap
Low Key - Rep Your Home

Deffine ft K-Blitz & Kryple
Deuce Fantastick & Yak Dollaz - Speakers Boom
Rellik - Long Over Due
Mitchmatic - Only Time Can Tell

I.C.E ft Anasaz, Kid Cree & Dice
Tribestarr ft Young Desperado - Soul Takers
Que Rock - Wolf Clan

Hash Mills & The Dirty Sample - Jules and Vincent
Dragon Fli Empire & Def-Chap ft Infinito 2017 - CHI 2 CGY

5th Element on CFWE - 2/09/2013
February 15, 2013 11:53 AM PST

Jo Thrillz is on his grind, he remixed a Drake song and made a video within 20 hours. Also Mitchell Lawler made Artist of the Month at Resonate Music School and Studio. Shawn Bernard gets grimey and returns his roots for his latest video. Valentine's Day is next week so we got some songs for you guys on that matter.

playlist for this show:

Classified ft Kayo - New School / Old School
Theo 3 - That Ol Rap Ish
Merkules - Get Ghost

CEO - I'm Looking Good
118 - Dope, Man
Shawn Bernard - Imma Git That
Que Rock - 52 Hands

Jo Thrillz - Started From The Bottom RMX
Mitchell Lawler - The Showcase
Kemo Treats - Pinky Swear
Doomsquad - Feelin' Myself

J-Rez - Shorty I Met
Rez Rydaz - I Swear
Drezus - Holdin
Lightningcloud ft Joey Stylez - My Favorite Girl

Dragon Fli Empire & Def-Chap - Lucky Day
Etikid + Dystinkt Beats - Addicted To You

5th Element on CFWE - 2/02/2013
February 14, 2013 11:42 AM PST

We got some more new Idle No More tracks and a new track from Tam featuring Choclair and BMoney Grenier. Also, Dragon Fli Empire teams up with Saskatoon producer, Def-Chap for this EP called DFE vs DEF.

playlist for this show:

Classified ft Kardinal Offishall & Madchild - Look Up (Signs)
THeo3 ft Tona & Andreena Mill - How I Flow Part 2
SonReal & Rich Kidd - Money Money

Rellik ft Nathan Cunningham - Idle No More
Plex ft Lase - No More
Infamous Red ft George Eramus - What Am I Running From
Conway K - Did You Know

Tam ft Choclair & BMoney Grenier - Brand New
Deuce Fantastick ft Young Tox - Riding At Night
Jo Thrillz - Get Through To You
Mitchell Lawler - Thrift Shop

CEO ft Hellnback - Building Bridges
Crazy Indians - Fryed Bread
Que Rock - They Don't Care
J-Rez - Good Ol Days

Dragon Fli Empire & Def Chap - Pages in Stages

5th Element on CFWE - 1/26/2013
February 01, 2013 10:00 AM PST

What's a better way to start off the show with some brand new Classifed haha we got us a sneak peak of the self titled album. We also got Theo3's latest album called, Airplanes Over One Way Streets. New audio also from SonReal, Joey Stylez, Won 18 and new albums from Mitchell Lawler and Conway K.

Classified ft Saukrates & Skratch Bastid - Anything Goes
Theo 3 ft Tanika Charles & DJ Grouch - Keep Risin'
SonReal - Ridin On E

Joey Stylez - ft Drezus - Burn
CEO ft Hellnback & Blu - Not Round Here
Won 18 - Dope, Man
Tribestarr ft Shawn Bernard - These Haterz

Mitchell Lawler - Everything I Am
Kemo Treats - Down For Whatever
Jo Thrillz - White Boy Wasted
Deuce Fantastick ft Outlawz - Magic

Que Rock - Ghost Dance
H-Town - #idlenomore #1millionstrong #protestsong
Conway K - White Man / Red Man

Merkules - Sedatives
MadChild - Wake Up

5th Element on CFWE with Drezus Interview - 1/19/2013 #redwinter #dayofaction #idlenomore
January 25, 2013 10:59 AM PST

Lots have been going on with this movement as of late and music has been coming out on almost a daily basis. So we decided to do a whole show dedicated to the movement. Drezus is also working on a project called Red Winter and released two songs on it called, Red Winter which features Aaron Paquette and Day of Action that features Main Flow from the group Mood based in Cincinnati, OH.

Charlie Fettah, Wab Kinew & Young Kidd - Idle No More
Que Rock - Medicine Wheel
T Rhyme - Dead NDN

Conway K ft Rocky Morin - Idle No More (It's A Revolution)
*** Drezus Red Winter Interview ***
Drezus ft Aaron Paquette - Red Winter
Drezus ft Main Flow - Day Of Action
*** Drezus Idle No More Interview ***
Lightningcloud - Idle No More

CEO ft Logan Alexis Singers - For Hope (Turtle Island)
Red Rokk - Native Pride
OStwelve - Stand For You

5th Element on CFWE - 1/12/2013
January 18, 2013 01:57 PM PST

Lots of new albums on this show: SonReal & Rich Kidd's The Closers, Que Rock's Smoke Signals, Deuce Fantastick's Fantastic For A Reason, Kemo Treats' Straight Gold and Toxsic's The Prequel EP. New audio from 118, OStwelve and Snak the Ripper has a tour coming thru Edmonton later on this month.

playlist for this show:

SonReal & Rich Kidd - The Openers
Merkules - Feet On The Ground
Snak the Ripper ft Young Sin & Evil Ebenezer - Strangers

Que Rock - Street Cancer
118 (Plex & Rellik) - Dope, Man
Kasp & Savage Family - Power
OStwelve - Stand For You

Deuce Fantastick - Say Hello (Game Gang)
Jo Thrillz - Chicago Style
Kemo Treats - The Program
Toxsic - Invasion

Drezus ft Tre Nyce & Rup Monsta - Strength
Tribestarr ft Young Desperado - Soul Takers
J-Rez ft Luke Sharp - Listen

Transit ft Jann Arden - Calgary
Relic - Laugh Lines

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